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Trade Missions

     At TradexFirm we excel at the organization of private and exclusive international trade missions. We source for the best producers all over the world and bring them to London allowing them, in a couple of days, to meet and negotiate with English importers.


     Why is this of interest to you as a producer?

     This opportunity is a great way to introduce, or reinforce the presence of your company and products in the English market. In just one trip, a couple of days, you will meet buyers from approximately 20-25 companies which import the type of products you produce in a daily basis. Introduce your products, your company and your methods of production. And if both parts are interested, close trade agreements with the importers you believe to be the most interesting for your company.


     Why is this of interest to you as an importer?

     This is a unique opportunity to expand your product portfolio.  In a couple of hours you will meet and close trade agreements with approximately 10 producers of the range of products you work with. Take advantage of this opportunity and meet with the purchasing managers of companies from your own industry and expand your national and international network at the same time.


     Our Experience

     Our team of experts has several years of experience and dedication. We have organized several very successful trade missions on different sectors through the years and have worked for the Malaga Council and the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid, among others. Through our work on previous trade missions and private meetings we have obtained many contacts on different industries, but we always look for new interesting contacts for our clients to introduce them and their needs/ products.