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     The main objective of membership in TradexFirm International is the synergy between the companies that make up this portfolio, and promote trade relations between businessmen of both countries, helping our members to enter such a large market as well as in the marketing channels in which they were interested.

     Thanks to our thousands of contacts in the neighboring country, registering as partner TradexFirm International may enjoy your company for business opportunities in the sector and weekly market information, networking surrounded around the City. Contact details of your company and the link to your website will be posted on our website, which is visited daily by both Spanish, British and European companies. A market technician will be at your disposal for any questions that might arise in the international market.

     Our associates enjoy a state of synergies, which will promote business between the same partners and others who are in TradexFirm International´s scope, in order to benefit joint activities and market forces.